Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review: Identify Your Swing Faults

Medicus is a name which most golfers have heard when it comes to swing trainers. The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is the most popular of the Medicus swing trainers. Golf pros have chosen it as the number one swing trainer in the world. In fact, it’s endorsed by great players and teachers such as Hank Haney who was Tiger Wood’s coach. That being said, will it improve your golf game? The answer is yes. By breaking, the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver lets you know at every point in your swing whether you’ve made a mistake or not. With this type of feedback you can be sure you’ll start swinging better and with better tempo.
Medicus Dual HingeThe Medicus Dual Hinge Driver identifies your faults immediately whether it’s in your backswing, downswing, through swing or all three. When it brakes you know you did something wrong. Feedback in your swing during practice is what you need to improve. If you continue to swing incorrectly the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver will break. That’s the great thing about it. When you can make a full swing and not break it, that’s when you have the correct feedback of what a good swing feels like. The Medicus will improve your swing plane which will get rid of those slices and hooks. By continuing to swing it you will engage muscle memory which will produce consistency and translate into more accurate shots. Also, because you’ll learn to swing with better tempo, you’ll hit the ball farther and on a straighter line. Another benefit is being able to use it indoors when you can’t get out to the range or the weather isn’t good. How about when you’re on the course and your swing seems to be breaking down? Keep the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver in your bag, swing it, and get feedback on what you’re doing wrong. It could totally turn your bad round into a good one and that’s going to lower your scores.

Medicus offers a variety of products with the same technology. The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver can be ordered in a right handed model, left handed model, women’s model and a junior model. Also, Medicus offers a new 460cc oversized head which compares with more of the modern driver heads being used today.

The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver can be ordered directly through the manufacturer. Medicus is so confident in their golf swing trainers that they offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Also, the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is offered at a reduced rate during the 30 day period. Get your Medicus Dual Hinge Driver now and experience what half a million amateur golfers already know – it works!

Tour Striker Training Club Review: Improve Your Swing

There’s a reason professional golfers like Gary McCord promote and use the Tour Striker Training Club, it works. The Tour Striker golf club was designed to help you hit down on the golf ball with the impact position of a tour player, allowing you to achieve accuracy, distance and consistency.  Even if you are a dedicated practiser, chances are you have struggled with your ball striking, especially in the rough.  Many amateur golfers find it challenging to deliver the “sweet spot” of the club to the ball, which is the one skill that ultimately makes professional golfers successful, regardless of their swing style. Unlike a traditional club, the Tour Striker has very little clubface beneath the “sweet spot”, allowing you to naturally teach yourself the correct impact position and then transfer this skill to your traditional golf clubs.

Gary McCord Tour StrikerThere are several models of the Tour Striker that you can choose from depending on whether you are a novice golfer or a seasoned player looking to lower your handicap.  Golfers with slower swing speeds and a high handicap benefit most by starting with the regular Tour Striker training club, while the Tour Striker Pro is designed for golfers with a handicap of 10 or less and swing speeds of over 90 mph with their driver.  Both clubs are cast of 433 stainless steel and have a vibration dampening logo in the back cavity to reduce shock on miss-hit shots while developing ball striking skills. You can also request modifications to the lie angle and shaft length if needed, right and Lefthanded clubs are available and a DVD is included to help you get started.

With the Tour Striker training club you will learn consistent ball striking, how hit down on the ball, to compress the ball, improve ball flight and develop longer straighter drives.  You will also learn how to hit the ball with a forward shaft lean, lower the trajectory of your ball flight, learn how to keep your hands ahead of the ball through impact, how to create lag in your golf swing and how to stop hitting fat and thin shots. Ultimately you will improve your practice time at the golf range and get results on the course.

This amazing golf training club can be ordered directly from the manufacturer of Tour Striker here.

Medicus Power Meter: Increase Your Swing Speed

The Medicus Power Meter is a golf swing speed meter designed to reveal your golf swing speed accurately and instantly.  The first step to improving your golf swing speed and accuracy is to know what your swing speed is today.  You may be surprised to find that your swing is not as slow or as fast as you thought.  The feedback you receive from the Medicus Power Meter is the key to increasing your swing speed and hitting longer straighter shots.  With the Medicus Power Meter, you’ll realize that swinging harder can actually slow your swing speed down.  By understanding the true speed of your golf club swing, and how to increase it, you’ll learn to have a controlled swing with consistent power to hit the ball farther and straighter.

Your club swing speed will vary from club to club.  The Medicus Power Meter easily interchanges between your driver, fairway woods and irons.  Its tight fit on any shaft size makes it convenient and it can be programmed to your actual golfer and club specifications on a large and easy to read LCD screen.  The Medicus Power Meter reads club head speeds The Medicus Power Meterand golf club swing speeds up to 145 MPH (233kph).  The accuracy of Medicus trainers such as this one have also been tested at the independent TaylorMade Performance Lab so you can be sure that the instant feedback you receive from the Power Meter is accurate.  You may not be able to have a trainer by your side while you practice, but golf swing training aids like the Medicus Power Meter mean you don’t have to.

Medicus allows you to test the Power Meter risk free for 30 days.  You can also choose to use the Power Meter with one of the PowerMax weighted clubs to help you build strength as you improve your swing speed.  In addition, you can download the free “Ten Minutes to Tremendous Power” ebook which is filled with lessons and exercises to help you add power to your golf swing every day.  Start increasing your golf swing speed now with the Medicus Power Meter.

Vharness Review: Make a Better Golf Swing

The Vharness is one of those swing trainers that you will continue to use, without feeling like you just wasted your money. When you go out to practice you need the right feedback. Unless you have a professional instructor with you, how can you really get that feedback? With the Vharness you will teach yourself through the feedback you receive from the vcords as well as hitting the golf ball. The Vharness golf swing trainer teaches you how to hit through the ball better, which will produce improved ball contact and straighter shots.

The Vharness golf swing trainer forces you to make the best swing you can with the right fundamentals. It also puts you on the right plane angle which allows you to hit straighter and longer shots. You’ll also learn how to hit higher softer shots and how to create better width in your swing. The Vharness gives you feedback as you swing, letting your body feel the right positions. In addition, many Vharness reviews say that using this swing trainer enables them to hit the golf ball as much as ten to fifteen yards longer and gets rid of those ugly pull hooks.
Vharness GolfA great reason why the Vharness golf swing trainer will improve your game is that you can use it for all types of golf shots while using your own clubs. And you can use it with every club in your bag. Your short game will positively improve because of the connection you keep and feel with the Vharness. When you remove the Vharness, it feels as if you’re still wearing it. The muscle memory produced as you swing makes it easy to transition between wearing it and then playing without it. You can be at any level in your golf game because it works for any golfer at any level. Put it on, swing and experience results.
Get the Vharness golf swing trainer now from a trusted retailer. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee program which offers a 30 day money back guarantee, 30 day playability guarantee and a 30 day exchange policy. Also, the site is secured by McAfee and an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Get the Vharness now and start swinging like a pro.

Medicus OverSpin Putter Review: Get In The Hole!

With so many facets of the golf game, improving your score can be achieved in many different ways.  One of the most significant ways is by improving your putting.  The Medicus Overspin Putter is a tool you need if you want to shave strokes off your golf game.  A big percentage of your golf shots are played on the green and the most used club in your golf bag is definitely the putter.  So how can the Medicus OverSpin Putter be any different than other putters?  Well to start, it not only can help you with putting on the green but around the green as well.

OverSpin PutterThe Medicus OverSpin Putter is designed to help you with those shots out of the fringe, first cut and even minor rough around the green because of the “Cut Angle”.  Imagine eliminating those ugly chips from around the green and being able get up and down using just one club.  The CT Grooves keep the putter-face from turning as grass pulls against the club.  The bevelled face of the Medicus OverSpin Putter reduces the amount of friction caused by the grass.  These features ensure you get closer to the hole and save you strokes.

You won’t need to manipulate the putter to cause true forward roll because the face of the Medicus Overspin Putter features a cut-face design that produces immediate top spin when the golf ball is impacted.  This technology helps with distance control and eliminates the skidding and hopping that causes bad putts.  A lot of golfers think that the line of the putt is most important but distance control on the green is a key to making putts.  The Medicus OverSpin Putter will give you that distance control consistency and accuracy which will result in more putts made.

Another key to making putts is the confidence that you will.  If you think that your putt will go in chances are it will.  The design of the Medicus OverSpin Putter to eliminate the effect of shaggy greens or break caused by the grain of the green will ensure more and more putts go in.  That means lower scores and confidence in your putting.

The Medicus OverSpin Putter comes in 4 different models and is USGA Approved for play in tournaments.  The 4 models are: Medicus OverSpin CM2i Putter, Medicus OverSpin CB2 Putter, Medicus OverSpin MM1 Putter and the Medicus OverSpin MM2 Putter.  Each Medicus OverSpin Putter includes a CNC precision milled face for the highest quality control and precisely cut grooves.  All are designed with the same technology but the difference being the shape, weight and a few other self preferences.  More details on the different models available can be found on the Overspin golf site.

The Medicus OverSpin Putter can be ordered directly from Medicus and as with all Medicus products, you can try it risk free for 30 days.  So don’t wait to start using the Medicus OverSpin Putter because putting well is what makes good shots to the green even better and lowers your scores as a result.  Start sinking more putts now with the Medicus Overspin Putter.

Hank Haney Plane Finder: Learn How It Feels To Swing On Plane

In today’s golf game there are so many tools to help you improve your game. However, there are very few that help you feel how it should to swing on plane. The Hank Haney Plane Finder is one of the few swing trainers that gives you this feedback, so you can really feel what it means to swing on plane.

What does it mean to swing on plane? Well in simple terms, it means that your club is traveling back and through on the proper angle for your body type and club selection. For most golfers the swing plane is not something you can really practice. You need to have a teacher, mirror, video camera or be an experienced golfer to really know if you are swinging on plane. Why is it important to swing on plane? Swinging on plane gives you the best chance at hitting the golf ball straighter, farther and on the sweet spot of the club. If you struggle with slicing or hooking the golf ball, chances are you are not swinging on plane.

The Plane Finder from Hank Haney is a great golf swing trainer that helps you to make a swing that’s on plane. Because of the Plane Finder design, you will get immediate feedback on whether your swing is on plane. If you swing and hit the indicators, which hang out from the Plane Finder, you will know that you did something wrong. Also, you can use any club in your bag which is a real asset because the swing plane can vary from short clubs to long clubs and using your own clubs is important for feel and confidence when it’s time to hit the course. By continuing to practice with the Hank Haney Plane Finder, you will gain consistency in your swing and the confidence you need when you play a round of golf. By swinging on plane your distance will improve as well as your accuracy.

Hank Haney Plane FinderThe Hank Haney Plane Finder is easy to set up, can be used on the driving range, at home and is easy to transport anywhere. It also comes with an instructional DVD from Hank Haney. The Plane Finder is adjustable to your handicap level. You can widen the indicators if you are a higher handicap or make them narrow if your handicap is low. Then all you need to do is swing away and the indicators will tell you if you are on plane. If you hit the outside indicator it means your swing is over the top or from the outside. If you hit the inside indicator, you then know you are coming too much from the inside. The best part is you will always have immediate feedback and when you can swing without hitting the indicators you’ll be swinging on plane and will feel what the correct swing plane is. Then all you need is repetition. Soon you will shoot lower scores and begin to feel great about your golf game.

So order the Hank Haney Plane Finder now and start swinging on plane and shooting lower scores.

Optishot Golf: The Affordable Golf Simulator

Optishot | Golf In A BoxLet’s be honest, we would all like to play golf year round but for so many us that just is not possible.  When old man winter comes storming in, most of us put our golf clubs away for the season.  Not being able to swing your clubs for four to six months makes it difficult to be consistent with your golf game.  That’s why the Optishot Golf Simulator is the perfect tool to improve your golf game all year round.

When you are practicing your golf swing, feedback on your mistakes is vital to improving areas of weakness.  With Optishot this feedback is instant.  This tool allows you to see where your ball lands, whether you hit a slice or a hook and what your ball flight was.  In addition, the Optishot will give you insight on your club head speed, face angle at impact, swing path, distance travelled and face contact.  Your practice time can now be both enjoyable and beneficial to improving your golf game.

The Optishot Golf Simulator includes options such a replicated driving range that allows you to practice shots from 60 to 300 yards with six different target greens and a dynamic yardage grid.  You can also choose to practice shots from anywhere on any course.  If you want to take your practice to the course you can play with up to 4 players and hit all shots from tee to green on many top courses from around the world.  Another great feature is the crystal clear graphics and the ability to tune settings specific to your club set.  The Optishot includes an infrared optical swing pad, replaceable turf, 3DD golf software, a 10 foot USB cable, foam practice balls, adjustable rubber tees and a quick start guide.  Many Optishot reviews also say the setup is easy and the simulator is comparable or better than other much more expensive golf simulators.

The Optishot is very affordable and makes practice not only convenient fun but also possible all year round.  You will be able to purchase the Optishot directly from the manufacturer, Dancin’ Dogg Golf, which is a reputable company with fantastic customer service as stated by many owners of the Optishot.  Start having fun improving your golf game now with the Optishot.