Hank Haney Plane Finder: Learn How It Feels To Swing On Plane

In today’s golf game there are so many tools to help you improve your game. However, there are very few that help you feel how it should to swing on plane. The Hank Haney Plane Finder is one of the few swing trainers that gives you this feedback, so you can really feel what it means to swing on plane.

What does it mean to swing on plane? Well in simple terms, it means that your club is traveling back and through on the proper angle for your body type and club selection. For most golfers the swing plane is not something you can really practice. You need to have a teacher, mirror, video camera or be an experienced golfer to really know if you are swinging on plane. Why is it important to swing on plane? Swinging on plane gives you the best chance at hitting the golf ball straighter, farther and on the sweet spot of the club. If you struggle with slicing or hooking the golf ball, chances are you are not swinging on plane.

The Plane Finder from Hank Haney is a great golf swing trainer that helps you to make a swing that’s on plane. Because of the Plane Finder design, you will get immediate feedback on whether your swing is on plane. If you swing and hit the indicators, which hang out from the Plane Finder, you will know that you did something wrong. Also, you can use any club in your bag which is a real asset because the swing plane can vary from short clubs to long clubs and using your own clubs is important for feel and confidence when it’s time to hit the course. By continuing to practice with the Hank Haney Plane Finder, you will gain consistency in your swing and the confidence you need when you play a round of golf. By swinging on plane your distance will improve as well as your accuracy.

Hank Haney Plane FinderThe Hank Haney Plane Finder is easy to set up, can be used on the driving range, at home and is easy to transport anywhere. It also comes with an instructional DVD from Hank Haney. The Plane Finder is adjustable to your handicap level. You can widen the indicators if you are a higher handicap or make them narrow if your handicap is low. Then all you need to do is swing away and the indicators will tell you if you are on plane. If you hit the outside indicator it means your swing is over the top or from the outside. If you hit the inside indicator, you then know you are coming too much from the inside. The best part is you will always have immediate feedback and when you can swing without hitting the indicators you’ll be swinging on plane and will feel what the correct swing plane is. Then all you need is repetition. Soon you will shoot lower scores and begin to feel great about your golf game.

So order the Hank Haney Plane Finder now and start swinging on plane and shooting lower scores.

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