Medicus Power Meter: Increase Your Swing Speed

The Medicus Power Meter is a golf swing speed meter designed to reveal your golf swing speed accurately and instantly.  The first step to improving your golf swing speed and accuracy is to know what your swing speed is today.  You may be surprised to find that your swing is not as slow or as fast as you thought.  The feedback you receive from the Medicus Power Meter is the key to increasing your swing speed and hitting longer straighter shots.  With the Medicus Power Meter, you’ll realize that swinging harder can actually slow your swing speed down.  By understanding the true speed of your golf club swing, and how to increase it, you’ll learn to have a controlled swing with consistent power to hit the ball farther and straighter.

Your club swing speed will vary from club to club.  The Medicus Power Meter easily interchanges between your driver, fairway woods and irons.  Its tight fit on any shaft size makes it convenient and it can be programmed to your actual golfer and club specifications on a large and easy to read LCD screen.  The Medicus Power Meter reads club head speeds The Medicus Power Meterand golf club swing speeds up to 145 MPH (233kph).  The accuracy of Medicus trainers such as this one have also been tested at the independent TaylorMade Performance Lab so you can be sure that the instant feedback you receive from the Power Meter is accurate.  You may not be able to have a trainer by your side while you practice, but golf swing training aids like the Medicus Power Meter mean you don’t have to.

Medicus allows you to test the Power Meter risk free for 30 days.  You can also choose to use the Power Meter with one of the PowerMax weighted clubs to help you build strength as you improve your swing speed.  In addition, you can download the free “Ten Minutes to Tremendous Power” ebook which is filled with lessons and exercises to help you add power to your golf swing every day.  Start increasing your golf swing speed now with the Medicus Power Meter.

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